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Three-phase capacity building program for the Financial Intelligence Centre,

Three-phase capacity building program for the Financial Intelligence Centre,

As part of the German Government’s initiative to support sustainable developments of
economies worldwide, giz developed a three-phase capacity building program for the Financial
Intelligence Centre, the Securities and Exchange Commission and Law Enforcement Agencies
(Office of the Special Prosecutor, Economic and Organised Crime Office and Ghana Police
Service) in Ghana.
The first-phase which took place from the 15 th -19 th April, 2024 included topics such as defining
the concept of money laundering and related predications, insider trading, civil forfeiture,
conducting effective financial investigations, qualities of a good interviewer, whistleblower
protection, sources of information, role of registries in investigating financial crime and
international cooperation.
The second-phase which was from 24 th - 28 th June, 2024 sought to deepen the understanding of
the same participants who attended the first phase of the programme on topical issues such as;
preparing and planning financial crime investigations, forensic accounting / auditing in litigation
cases, interviewing suspects, cross examinations, presenting direct and indirect evidence in court,
preserving and presenting digital evidence among others.
The third-phase which is to be scheduled in a later period would take the form of mentorship or
coaching. Facilitators would provide support to participants through coaching; by this act,
participants would help facilitators to understand their challenges on the job as they try to assist
them to overcome some of these challenges by providing practical and actionable solutions.

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