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Improving Ghana’s Anti-Money laundering and  Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regime.

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Since its establishment the FIC has instituted a number of measures geared towards improving Ghana’s Anti-Money laundering/ Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regime. The Centre through the use of modern technology software (go-AML) has increased the filing of Suspicious Transactions Reports from reporting entities. The Centre also has highly skilled and dedicated staff who through diverse ways continue to work effectively to address outstanding ML/TF related issues. These strides could not have been possible without the support of stakeholders such as the law enforcement agencies, regulators, reporting entities, private sector and designated non-financial businesses and professions (DNFBPs)
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SIGNED BY: KWAKU DUA - Chief Executive Officer
Suspicious Transactions Reports Received
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Electronic Transaction Reports Received
This is the FIC’s first money laundering typology report.  The report contains trends and patterns observed from Suspicious Transaction Reports received from financial institutions (banking, insurance, and the securities sectors) as well as feedback from competent authorities on investigations on money laundering cases from 2014 -2018.
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This report adopted an exploratory survey as well as qualitative and quantitative approaches. Given that risk is a function of identified threats and existing vulnerabilities, the exposure of these NPOs to the threats of ML /TF were assessed separately using some indicators to enable a targeted approach to risks within the NPO sector.
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The purpose of this guidance document is to ensure that Financial Institutions are able to identify terrorism financing schemes and red flags to trigger the filing of STRs…
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This report was carried out particularly to assess the Money Laundering (ML) and Terrorist Financing (TF) risk level of legal persons and arrangements in the country and also to assess the extent to which the country’s legal framework on Beneficial Ownership (BO) and the preparedness of relevant institutions to promote and maintain BO disclosures and register.
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